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Fabric Kalamkari Jewlery - Wow story

Posted on March 24 2019

Fabric jewlery has been part of fashion since ancient era. Amazing thing is its type of organic handmade with love and skill. Kalamkari is a sort of fabric which is handprinted or hanpainted on cotton.It can be stated as block printed cotton textile 

The kalamkari fabric has arrived from original pen called as Qalam also a tamarind pen use to paint on fabric and kari means craftsmen . Hence its called fabric kalamkari jewlery.Mainly kalamkari fabric originated from states of Andhra Pradesh and Telanagana.It is a part of traditional Textile art of India.

Earlier era people used to travel from village to village narrating stories verbally which later converted into a form of canvas painting on fabric which resulted into Kalamkari fabric painting . Thus originated the Kalamakri fabric jewlery.

Nowdays famous Fabric kalamkari  jewelry is also used for sarees and dresses and kurtas, bangles, necklaces much more .



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