Fabric jewlery has been part of fashion since ancient era. Amazing thing is its type of organic handmade with love and skill. Kalamkari is a sort of fabric which is handprinted or hanpainted on cotton.It can be stated as block printed cotton textile 

The kalamkari fabric has arrived from original pen called as Qalam also a tamarind pen use to paint on fabric and kari means craftsmen . Hence its called fabric kalamkari jewlery.Mainly kalamkari fabric originated from states of Andhra Pradesh and Telanagana.It is a part of traditional Textile art of India.

Earlier era people used to travel from village to village narrating stories verbally which later converted into a form of canvas painting on fabric which resulted into Kalamkari fabric painting . Thus originated the Kalamakri fabric jewlery.

Nowdays famous Fabric kalamkari  jewelry is also used for sarees and dresses and kurtas, bangles, necklaces much more .



March 24, 2019 — Mitali Chile


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