5 Quick Tips to Grow Long Hair

  1. Trimming your Hair regularly is a good sign of keeping hair tips healthy to grow further. It avoids spilt ends and maintains healthy look. Prefer to tie hair if they aren't trimmed yet like using Hair Bun to protect them from drying hair.
  2. Look at Diet, Vitamin E rich food supplements helps blood circulation in scalp resulting in healthier looking Hair. Length of the hair is definitely dependent on the food we eat.
  3. Hair accessories adds beauty to glamorous make up but need to take care for external cosmetic sprays should be used of good quality. You need to style your hair safely.
  4. Frequent conditioning is good sign of Healthy Hair. Using more conditioner and less shampoo depending upon the oil that different scalp releases.
  5. Brush your hair regularly at least twice a day, as brushing increases the blood circulation in scalp leading to hair growth.
September 01, 2016 — Shruti Lad Nimbalkar

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