5 Quick steps to organise home !

5 Quick steps to organise home for the super busy woman ! 

1.Save all your Jars ,you can use them to store almost anything its a free storage , recovers your cost of the product. Decorate it with rope around it or paint beautiful design on jar with glue colours !

2.Pick up a zipper bag , put all takeaway menus in it. Use another Zipper Bag to put all Events and Brochures. Discount Coupons in it.

3.Use the small Doors of your Kitchen Cupboard, Hang in all the pans on inner side of the Door to save space.

4.Use old Ice cube tray or old cupcake baking Tray to sort your pins, clips, rubbers, hairbands,toothpicks etc small items that can be easily visible to pick.

5.Pick up your triangle Wired Hanger , open it from one side , then take few 10 Bangles and put each bangle inside the hanger. Next step put your every scarf in one bangle and hang it. Trust me it looks awesome.

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April 03, 2016 — Shruti Lad Nimbalkar