Why to wear Jewelry !
Surprising facts for wearing Jewellery are keeping me amazed.
1. Earrings- Gives acupuncture effect & helps in weight loss if a woman plans to change her diet then the Hunger point on ear helps control it.Find Various collections on https://goo.gl/sx7TEb.
2. Bangles – Activates the chakras on the wrist and increasing friction between the bangles helps grow blood circulation.
3. Toe-Ring - Good conductor to absorb energy from earth towards body and helps as an acupressure therapy.
4. Anklets - To keep the positive energy running and maintain the electrical currents of the body flowing.
5. Nose Ring - Helps reduce pain in menstrual Cycle. Find lovely collection on http://goo.gl/xvCcy8 exotic traditional nath and nose rings with discounts.
6. Ring - The metallic friction helps for good health due to Chakrashttp://goo.gl/7yt8hO.
7. Neck Chokers - Small Particles of necklace are transmitted in body giving positive energy.
8. Maang tikka /Bindi - is a gorgeous hair accessories to controls the heat of the body.
9. Armlet- This ornament is special worn for blood circulation around arms, also called as armlet or Bajuband.
10. Traditional Necklace : Special objective of those ornamentshttp://goo.gl/xvCcy8 is to bring positivity as elements in larger necklaces attracts positivity .


May 27, 2016 — Shruti Lad Nimbalkar

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